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Did Russia Interfere With Our Election?  Or Will Obama?____________________________________


There are conspiracy theorists (I try not to be one, but it’s hard) who think Obama and the democrats will do something to stop the inauguration and transfer of power. They have talked about Obama starting a war. They have mentioned martial law. There’s talk of delegitimizing the election. All of this seems pretty far fetched, I know.

Let me posit a scenario. You know,  just for the sake of argument.

First some background. President Obama has known about potential Russian hacking for months if not years. He has done nothing about it. In fact, when Trump mentioned it during the campaign, Obama accused him of whining. Wiki leaks, the disseminator of the supposed leaks says they didn’t come from Russia. No one disputes the authenticity of the material.

The democrats are running out of means to change the election. They have blamed fake media, white supremacists, deplorables, and a host of things. Of course, they’ve not blamed themselves. Now they’re blaming the Russians.

Here’s Where it Gets Tricky



Obama has to do something.  His legacy is at stake. Besides, democrats and republicans are insisting he take some action. Some are calling this war.  Cyber war, at least. So, what’s a president to do in a case like this? Well, retaliate of course. But how would that work?  Will Obama go to war?  Will he impose new sanctions? Will Putin retaliate for that? Maybe, just maybe this will be what Obama needs to postpone the transfer of power. You know, if you believe in conspiracy theories.

More to come…

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