Review of Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit – 2 Week

I received about a month and a half ago:  Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit – 2 Week


I ordered it from Amazon. That’s where we do a lot of  our shopping. If you shop online much and don’t have Amazon Prime, get it.

The order arrived promptly and was packed well. We expect no less. Every thing was in the bag as advertised. It all seems to be good quality. It’s filled with products from well known suppliers (for the most part). You can buy them individually from Cabela’s, Sam’s, Walmart, etc… I was even impressed with the wind up radio/flashlight. Some was ‘no-name’ stuff that seemed to be of a little less quality. For the most part, though, I think the quality is good. 

I added some things to personalize the bag for my family. I used the stove/ burner to see how well it worked. So I replaced it with a larger burner and larger cans of gas. By the way, the burner that came with the bag worked fine. I added dog food and some extra food. Also, I packed extra water purification tablets and waterproof matches. There were a few other things I added, but you can personalize it to fit your needs.

The bag is large enough to add a few items with some room to spare. Don’t make it too heavy, you are going to have to carry it. You may be on the run or moving over rough terrain. The bag has wheels, so it’s pretty easy to move around on smooth, flat ground. If you’re gentle with it, your bag should last a while. You probably won’t be able to be gentle if the s*** really hits the fan.

I work over the road, so I keep my bag with me where ever I go.  I move it to and from my vehicle and into and out of hotel rooms numerous times each week.  After about a month, my bag ripped at a seam. Admittedly, I was a little rough.  And I added extra things to the bag. I bought a larger, heavy,  duty bag from an outdoor outfitter and transferred everything into it. Now everything is fine. Just don’t make it too heavy.

Overall Rank: 4.25 out of 5.  I would like to give it a 5.0,  but I did have the problem with the bag ripping. If you’re bugging out, you need to be able to depend on your bug out bag.

Product Description: Product arrived as advertised
Pros & Cons:

1 Well stocked 2 Variety of products, some you may not have even thought to     include.


1 The bag. I’ve already addressed this

2 (Not really a con, just an observation) Needed to add some things to personalize

Price: $217.14 at

Guarantee: Yes-90 day 100% satisfaction Product Specifications: As described in advertising

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