Complete Outage…Are You Ready?

Just before 1:00 a.m. on April 16, 2013…

A trio of masked gunmen slipped quietly past security cameras…And into position, surrounding a remote electrical substation in upstate California.

First they severed six underground cables. Then they cut power to the site’s emergency phone system.

Moments later, all hell broke loose. Muzzle flashes lit up the night sky… bullets rained down on critical equipment… and within minutes, the entire site was in shambles. Armed with military-grade assault rifles… and using fingerprint-free bullet casings to avoid detection…The attack took less than 20 minutes… destroyed $15 million in equipment… and nearly caused a statewide blackout across California. Luckily, operators were able to redirect the flow of electricity just seconds before losing control of the system.

But the act of sabotage was not taken lightly.

Jon Wellinghoff, former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), called it“The most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

The Wall Street Journal quoted a former official who says the attack was merely a “dress rehearsal for a larger event.”

And Rich Lordan, a senior executive for The Electric Power Research Institute, said the attack “appears to be preparation for an act of war.”

According to the FERC, and this is their exact language: “Destroy nine interconnected substations… and the entire United States grid would be down for at least 18 months, probably longer.”Sure, if we lose power for a few days or even weeks, it would disrupt our lives and take a toll on the economy… but we’d ultimately recover.

But if our country loses power for even just a few months, it could trigger a nationwide crisis of unprecedented proportions. Stocks would tank. Crime would soar. Grocery stores would be picked clean. Gas stations would run dry. Hospitals would shut down.You’d have no access to the Internet. No cell service. No ATMs. And worst of all, you’d have no way to contact your family or call for help.”*

It’s a frightening scenario… one that most Americans are completely unprepared for…

What would happen next? What would you do? Will you be ready?

A 2014 report from the Department of Energy proves that our government is already preparing for a catastrophic event involving the U.S. power grid. It could knock out power to all Americans-over 300 million people. And it could last for as much as eighteen months! Former CIA Director James Woolsey says this event could literally “bring our civilization to a cold, dark halt.”

During the infamous New York City blackout. on July 13, 1977…
During a typical thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning struck a key electrical substation along the Hudson River. The hit destroyed the site’s equipment in a matter of minutes. But the damage didn’t stop there…The substation’s failure created a cascading effect that soon brought down the city’s entire electric system. And by 9:36 p.m. – just an hour later – New York City was pitch-black.

LaGuardia and Kennedy airports shut down entirely. Thousands of people were left stranded in subway tunnels. Countless others were trapped in elevators. And soon, gridlock settled in as traffic lights stopped working.Then people panicked.

With no electricity… and no answers…Millions of frustrated people poured into the streets.Before long, the sounds of car alarms and broken glass could be heard from every corner.

And within a few hours, the entire city had descended into anarchy.

“The looters were looting other looters, and the fists and the knives were coming out,” a  Queens resident recalled years later.

Over the next two days. A total of 1,616 stores were looted and damaged. 1,037 fires were reported. 35 blocks of Broadway were destroyed. 550 police officers were injured. And 3,776 people were arrested – which still stands as the largest mass arrest in New York history.

Additionally, 5,244 people were taken to the emergency room. In the end, the total damage estimate topped $340 million.

This, in just two days without electricity. And in a single U.S. city. Imagine a nationwide blackout lasting even a month or more.

Imagine the anarchy and lawlessness if this was to go nationwide. Or even region wide. Or, worse yet, continental or even intercontinental! I’ll admit (and hopefully, I’m correct) the last two are a lot less likely to happen. But the first two, according to some (including ex-CIA and other government officials) are not only possible, but probable.

Are you counting on the government to protect you? Heck, you can’t even call 911. You have no phone service.

Are you bugging out? Hope your truck’s got plenty of gas. Gas pumps run on electricity. I hope you have some money for supplies-providing you find somewhere to purchase them. ATMs are off line. Be careful, traffic signals aren’t working. I really hope you’ve taken care of this in advance. You are not the only one looking for supplies now that TSHTF.**

Remember the “looters looting other looters” from the New York blackout? How about Baltimore recently?

Baltimore anarchy
Baltimore anarchy

Or Ferguson? Times seem worse now. There is a lack of respect for the law and for other people. You’d better be prepared to defend yourself and your family. Maybe even some of your neighbors.

Are you?

Do you have a plan? Put one in writing so you can check off items you have taken care of and those yet to come. Ideally, they’re all checked off now. Get a “bug out” bag-or box- or whatever. Pick a location ahead of time to “escape” to and make sure everyone you are responsible for knows where it is and how to get there. Stock up on weapons. You can’t have too many, is my opinion. Make sure you are not the only one in your group who can use them. Have you stocked up on non perishable supplies (food, water, medicines,first aid kit,etc…) Keep in mind, you have no idea how long this “bug out” is going to last. Be prepared for the long haul.

Not Done Yet

There is so much more to being prepared than just what we covered in this small post. We plan to add as much as possible and as often as possible. And we encourage you to leave comments suggestions etc…



*David Fessler, a degreed electrical engineer and the chief Energy and Infrastructure Strategist for one of the top financial research firms in the world.

**The Sh*t Hit The Fan

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