Bugging Out on a Boat

What  if your property isn’t available to you when the SHTF?  Or, maybe you don’t have a good bug out location. Maybe you don’t own property at all.

If you live near a coast-could be a river, a lake,a bay, any navigable water-you may want to think about a boat. You don’t need an expensive mega yacht. What you need is protection from the elements. Also, you’ll enjoy some of the comforts of home such as bedding, living quarters and kitchen and bathroom facilities. If your engine is running and maintained, you will have mobility as well. Of course, that assumes you have access to fuel and oil, etc… You may even consider a sail boat to alleviate that issue.

sailboat neighborhood
sailboat neighborhood

You may consider an R V and we may address that later. But for now, let’s concentrate on a live aboard boat.

You need not spend all your money on a suitable boat. In fact, you shouldn’t. You can find a used boat with operational facilities for a few thousand dollars. Or you can spend hundreds of thousands. (I can’t, but maybe you can).

nice yacht
nice for bugging out

If you’re a handy with construction tools, you can even build your own.

diy houseboat
simple houseboat
diy houseboat
simple diy houseboat

Of course, you will want to have your boat well provisioned. A bug out bag is always at the ready. But you need to be prepared for a long stay. Since you will probably not have a lot of room for storage, you  may want to store more provisions in a secure spot nearby.

You will need to be as self sufficient as possible. Solar or wind energy capability is imperative. You will need a way to collect and store or generate fresh water for drinking. If anchoring out instead of docking you will need a dinghy for coming ashore. A HAM  radio is a good idea as traditional communication may be down.

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