Review of Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit – 2 Week

I received about a month and a half ago:  Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit – 2 Week


I ordered it from Amazon. That’s where we do a lot of  our shopping. If you shop online much and don’t have Amazon Prime, get it.

The order arrived promptly and was packed well. We expect no less. Every thing was in the bag as advertised. It all seems to be good quality. It’s filled with products from well known suppliers (for the most part). You can buy them individually from Cabela’s, Sam’s, Walmart, etc… I was even impressed with the wind up radio/flashlight. Some was ‘no-name’ stuff that seemed to be of a little less quality. For the most part, though, I think the quality is good. 

I added some things to personalize the bag for my family. I used the stove/ burner to see how well it worked. So I replaced it with a larger burner and larger cans of gas. By the way, the burner that came with the bag worked fine. I added dog food and some extra food. Also, I packed extra water purification tablets and waterproof matches. There were a few other things I added, but you can personalize it to fit your needs.

The bag is large enough to add a few items with some room to spare. Don’t make it too heavy, you are going to have to carry it. You may be on the run or moving over rough terrain. The bag has wheels, so it’s pretty easy to move around on smooth, flat ground. If you’re gentle with it, your bag should last a while. You probably won’t be able to be gentle if the s*** really hits the fan.

I work over the road, so I keep my bag with me where ever I go.  I move it to and from my vehicle and into and out of hotel rooms numerous times each week.  After about a month, my bag ripped at a seam. Admittedly, I was a little rough.  And I added extra things to the bag. I bought a larger, heavy,  duty bag from an outdoor outfitter and transferred everything into it. Now everything is fine. Just don’t make it too heavy.

Overall Rank: 4.25 out of 5.  I would like to give it a 5.0,  but I did have the problem with the bag ripping. If you’re bugging out, you need to be able to depend on your bug out bag.

Product Description: Product arrived as advertised
Pros & Cons:

1 Well stocked 2 Variety of products, some you may not have even thought to     include.


1 The bag. I’ve already addressed this

2 (Not really a con, just an observation) Needed to add some things to personalize

Price: $217.14 at

Guarantee: Yes-90 day 100% satisfaction Product Specifications: As described in advertising

When The SHTF

Imagine This Scenario:

Virus outbreaks are popping up across the country, authorities are scrambling, the news is bleak, and you have no idea what’s going on.  Sirens are blaring across the city, the power just went out, and you’re stuck at home with a quarter-tank of gas. And the fear sweats. Relax. Things may be bleak, but you can survive.

Stay Confident And Composed

Preparedness is 90-percent mental and 10-percent MacGyver. Like most humans on earth, you probably don’t have a well-stocked bunker waiting for you in a secluded Safe Zone. But sweet-talking your way onto a helicopter, stealing a bus, or hiding in the bathroom indefinitely might be just as useful. So keep your head cool, assess the situation, make a plan, and play to your strengths. Unless your strength is being a jerk (see below).

Don’t Be A Jerk

This has nothing to do with karma or being a good citizen. This is a key component to Survival 101. You should start working on this now, well before the apocalypse hits.

First things first, get to know your neighborhood. Sit on your stoop and chat with strangers. Volunteer. Offer to carry groceries. Give your landlord a holiday gift. Help with the school bake sale. Learn the names of your local bartender, librarian, or hardware-store owner (bonus points if you remember their hobbies. Or kid’s names). Why? Studies have found that communities (i.e., YOUR NEIGHBORS) are the best defense against disasters. Start forging those relationships now. You never know who might have your back when the chips are down. You may even organize a group of like minded neighbors to prepare for just such a scenario. Or others may have beaten you to it. You just have to find them and ask to join.

Assume Your Phone Will Be Useless

So you’ve made a lot of friends and allies—well done! How do you contact them during the apocalypse? Cell towers will either get knocked down by mobs, or communication lines will hit capacity and black out. Either way, trying to make calls will be basically impossible. So if you want to coordinate an escape plan with a team, you have to get creative:
·If wifi is still working, use social media to share your location and needs

·Check trending hashtags for real-time updates on evacuation routes or terrifying photos

·Update your status on Facebook Safety Check or add your name to the Red Cross “Safe & Well” Registry so your friends and family know you are okay

·Make a communication plan and choose an out-of-state emergency contact person. It may be easier to reach them if local phone lines are overloaded and that person can become a communication hub. They can keep track of where everyone is, almost like a switchboard operator.

Stock Your Emergency Kit

Your cellphone doesn’t work, and you don’t know where anyone else is. At least you’ve packed a Go Bag (or a Bug out Bag) in case you’re in this alone. What’s a Go Bag?

A Go Bag is something you can throw on your back and hit the road with quick. It should be custom-built to fit your needs: Allergy medicine, extra contacts, copies of your ID, pet food, diapers, extra cash … it’s totally up to you. Think about what will make your life easier in the first 48 hours after everything goes belly-up.
But there are some basic items you should definitely have:
·First-aid kit

·Clean socks & underwear (nothing worse than trying to survive when those things are … soiled)

·Non-perishable snacks. and if you MUST bring canned food, make sure you have a can-opener, and you can eat the contents without cooking it. Like tuna fish or canned pineapple. No soup.

·Hand-crank radio. It might be the only way you can receive emergency broadcasts.

·Hand-crank flashlight (you can also pack a regular flashlight, but batteries can get heavy)

·Pocket knife

·Solar flare (optional, but encouraged)

·Comfort food. For me, it’s pretzels and squeeze cheese, but for you it could be sunflower seeds or granola bars. Either way, put something in there that will make you feel better about this shitty situation.

·Water bottle & bleach. (Here’s how you purify water with bleach.)

Put these supplies in an easy to carry while on the run bag. Check it once every quarter  or so, and you’ll be all set.

There are folks out there with state-of-the-art bunkers and three-year supply caches. They are called “preppers” because they are way more prepared than you will ever be. But don’t worry about it. Because the more you have in an apocalypse, the bigger target you have painted on your back. Do you want to be guarding your dehydrated military meals from every bloodshot-eyed survivor with a shank and nothing to lose? No. Keep it simple, stay nimble.

Learn Some Helpful Survival Skills

No matter how prepared you might be, someone is going to get hurt. And it’ll probably be you, hotshot. While you don’t need to train up on some DIY surgery strategies per se, you DO need to brush up on some basic first-aid and survival skills. Just enough so that you can mobilize to a safe zone.

For starters, know how to do the following:
·Make a splint

·Dress a wound

·Do CPR (on someone else, obviously. but still helpful)

·Reduce anxiety

·Light a fire with a 9-volt battery & steel wool (for sterilization or emergency s’mores)

Sign Up For Emergency Updates

Before you rush out and blindly tackle the apocalypse, make sure you know what’s going on. Each city or rural area has an emergency-update network that broadcasts real-time updates via email, text, or social media. So just search “[Your Town Here] Department Of Emergency Management” and sign up. Do it now. Trust me: You don’t want to be panic-searching a government website when the SHTF.(Google it if you don’t know what that means).

Far Out  Scenario?

Ok, so maybe there is no pandemic. Or, maybe there is. There is the Zika scare. There’s Ebola. There are even recent reports of TB and measles outbreaks. But hopefully these will not cause an “end of the world as we know it” situation.

What if there was a long term power outage after a natural occurrence like a hurricane or other disaster?  Or, maybe a man made event like an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) or an act of war? The preparations we discussed above will be useful, if not essential no matter the cause of the disaster. The important thing is to BE PREPARED.