Politics and Looney Tunes

Some of you may remember the old Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes cartoons. I know, I’m showing my age. There was one with a sheepdog, Sam Sheepdog (go figure) and a wolf, Ralph E. Wolf. Each morning they would arrive to “work” at around the same time. They would speak cordially to each other. Then they would punch in at the time clock on the side of a tree and go to work-a novel concept for some these days. sam and ralph At work, however they weren’t quite as cordial. You see, Sam’s job was to guard the sheep. Ralph’s job was to eat them. The two fought all day. Of course, Sam always won. ralph and sam Where am I going with all this? It was a cartoon . Not reality. It was all make believe. Which brings us to a pseudo reality called politics. These people go to work every day (well, some days) at our expense. They act like they are fighting for you and me with real dour looks on their faces. They fight and almost slander each other. They are so stalwart in their principles they almost (but not quite) come to blows. Oh and the faces they make. Such sour pusses, they must really be mad.They certainly must hate each other. (More after pics…) unhappy john and nancy     grumpy dems grumpy boehner     grumpy harry Yeah, right. Just like Sam and Ralph. nancy paul john pelosiboehnerryanreid john nancy ryan and moslem It’s not just in congress. Hillary-Clinton-And-George-W.-Bush-Hugging-Photo-Goes-Viral happy first ladies happy pres This one’s real good. Kind of like Christy’s famous quasi hug of Obama after hurricane Sandy. jebmoslem And it’s not a new phenomenon. ghw,bill,ford regannixoncarterford fordcarterbushclinton Surely I have a point to make, right? Yep. It’s a game!  A cartoon, only not nearly as funny. It’s not really a competition, though. they are on the same team. It’s more of an intramural scrimmage. They are playing for the same team owner. And, it isn’t you.  At the risk of mixing metaphors, we are just pawns in their game.

This is no endorsement of Trump.

It’s hard to tell who is more worried about a Trump Presidency, Republicans or Democrats. But it is very telling when Republicans and Democrats are working together to stop a candidate. And you know something is up when over fifty limousine elite liberals meet with Republican elites to discuss strategies to stop Trump. Like I said, they are playing on the same team.  The bipartisan panic is really evident. The question is why? What are they so petrified of?

To be continued…

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